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Attack One Fire Management Services - Prescribed Fire Florida | Wildland Urban Interface | Wildland Fire Training

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  • Contracting
  • Consulting
  • Planning

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    Employment Application, Prescribed Fire Florida, Wildland Urban Interface
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    Attack One Fire Management Services
    Prescribed Fire Florida, Wildland Urban Interface,
    Wildland Fire Training, Wildland Fire Suppression,
    Prescribed Burns, Controlled Burning

    Attack-One is staffed with public safety professionals
    who have dedicated their lives to protecting
    and serving their community.

    Attack-One Fire Management Services began operation in 1998 with its primary focus on wildland fire suppression.  To date, Attack-One personnel have responded to more than 50 Fire Incidents throughout the United States providing various types of equipment and overhead personnel. 

    Prescribed Fire Florida, Wildland Urban Interface,

    Attack-One is committed to providing professional and ethical services to our customers through a comprehensive approach to forestry services, multi-hazard planning, training and response.

    Services Provided:

  • Prescribed Burning (Agricultural & Land Clearing)
  • Fireline Construction  (Plowing/Disc/Mowing)
  • Certified Prescribed Burn Managers (Florida, Georgia & Alabama)
  • Wildland Urban Interface
    • Home Defensible Zones
      Hazardous Fuels Reduction (Prescribed Fire/Mechanical)
      Landscape Under burning
      Brush Removal (Thinning, Pruning, Piling)
      Land Clearing (GT-18 Gyro-Trac)
  • Fire Equipment Contracting (Engines, Dozers, Marsh Master, GT-18 Gyro-Trac, ATV’s)
  • Wildfire Initial Attack and Mop-Up
  • NWCG & State Certified Training Instructors (100 & 200 Level Courses)
  • Quality Emergency Services

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